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AL500 (DIY)

The AL500 started after the need for a good autolevel audio processor for livestream productions.

The analog circuit is designed with premium grade input and output opamps. If desired the input opamp can be exchanged by an input transformer.

The PGA2311 device is a high-performance, stereo audio volume control designed for professional and high-end consumer audio systems. The PGA2311 uses an internal high-performance operational amplifier to yield low noise and distortion.

The differential output stage is based on DRV134 driver. It can be replaced by THAT1646 with improved performance.

The theoretical specifications are :

  • maximum input level : +20dBu
  • maximum output level : +20 dBu (limited by rack power supply)
  • variable attenuation / gain : -95.5dB / +31.5dB (127 dB range)
  • firmware upgradable via mini USB (Arduino Nano V3

Feel free to ask any questions or features you would like to see on this item. The behaviour and features can change in the future as the leveling process can be updated by firmware.
DIY kits (all electronic components + printed circuit boards + alu front panel) are available for purchase.

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