Peter Maes

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Optical Stagebox Project

Optical stagebox is a small project to connect camera’s over fiber.

We use optical multiplexing to combine several signals for transmission and reception over one fiber pair. With the current technology we can have up to 18 bidirectional optical signals. Our Optical Stagebox can transmit SDI-3G and Gigabit Ethernet signals.

  • 6x SDI-3G bidirectional video signal
  • 6x Gigabit Ethernet with PoE
  • single mode fiber pair (Neutrik / Fieldcast connectors at your choice)

The typical attenuation for singlemode fiber is 0,35 dB per km.

If you are interested in a demo please get in touch today.


Our device uses CWDM technology to combine multiple signals to be transmitted over 1 fiber. As the optical system is expandable it is possible to have up to 18 signals combined on 1 fiber. As we also can receive signals, the optical path is split in transmit and receive side and we always use a fiber pair for the link between 2 devices. The customer has the choice for several options : Opticalcon ,

Technical Details – SDI3G

This module converts SDI 3G signal to optical, and optical to SDI 3G.

Technical Details – ETH6X1G

Enterprise Grade switch fabric

  • Packet Buffer Memory : 2Mbit
  • Jumbo Frame Support : 10K Bytes (enabled by default)
  • MAC Addresses 16K
  • Link Aggregation (LAG/Port Trunking)
  • 802.1p, TOS/DS/ IPv6 TC,
  • MAC Programmable Weighting Yes
  • Port-based VLANs Yes
  • 802.1Q VLANs Yes, 4096 total
  • Double Tagging (Q in Q) Yes
  • LMP Entries 256
  • 802.1BR ECID 4K
  • 802.3bt -(Type3 – known as 4PPoE or PoE++) Up to 60.W